Caserta  - Ricky

SHADELEAF drop their eighth release in what is now established as essential catalogue ! Joseph Caserta (now known simply as Caserta) is a multifaceted DJ & Producer based out of Boston, Massachusetts, who has worked with Razor N Tape, Soul Clap Records, Midnight Riot, BBE, and Kon's Star Time imprint. 'Ricky' is a little slice of traditional Est Coast, soundsystem House - a simplistic but textured workout aimed squarely at the floor, with it's lascivious narration and repetitive hook The Jeep mix harks back to those 90's B2 beats mixes on the big apple's prodigious Hip Hop output... Digging royalty and a bona-fide master of the art of the re-edit Kon handles the first of the B Side re-rubs Stripping things back a little and letting the bump and hustle ride to an altogether more hypnotising and atmospheric destination Finally label boss That Man Monkz adds more than a little Sheffield grit to proceedings, amping the rhythm section and laying out a deadly bass line... Another Shadeleaf sureshot !

12inch Shadeleaf Music: SM12008 € 10,99