Tabvla Rasa

Devianza - Tabvla Rasa

Tabvla Rasa is the second vinyl release for the new London based label Kapvt Mvndi Records, a Blackwater Label project about Techno. An experimental and post techno EP based on the historical events of the Second World War. The first track CXIX is about the days of Bombs in London during the War. The second track CMXI is about the connection between the indian Swastica and the esoteric symbolism used by the Nazists in the same period. Dark stuff! Comes in a single sided vinyl on a 12'', 45 r.p.m. with black labels, no inner sleeves, and a book with credits and artwork inside

One sided 12 Kapvt Mvndi: KPT002 € 10,99