Pametex - PMTX004

"The art of minimalism and reduction is one of the challenging difficulties in music making. Only a select group of artists pulled it off to create strong timeless minimal pieces that are still relevant in todays music environment. Think Jeff Mills, Rob Hood, Terrence Dixon, Daniel Bell, Ectomorph, BC, Mika Vainio... to just name a few. The art of reduction is like fine Italian food; Good basics and limited ingredients. Seasoning is mostly used to cover up bad taste. Pametex is one of those cats that made music without the 'seasoning' of todays techniques. In the surprisingly short productive period (around 2000 when he co-produced with I-f in the Murdercapital heydays), he just wrote a bunch of tracks on a rhythm box, synth and a sequencer recorded straight to tape. What came out is now known in inner circles as highlights from electro's second wave. Respected and favourited by lots of artists and serious music collectors. We are really honoured to serve you with the last pieces of the puzzle. Lost tracks from the dusty PMTX vaults. Recovered from the original tapes by Chris Callahan. A special in 2 parts (FR001R and FR030) to celebrate hitting the number 30 of the Frustrated Funk catalog. Minimalism from a true musical mastermind,.. and a great friend!" // lamanchanegra out!

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR001R remind