M. Zalla (Piero Umiliani)

Problemi D'Oggi

M. Zalla (Piero Umiliani) - Problemi D'Oggi

M. Zalla is one of the numerous aliases of the italian maestro Piero Umiliani who, during his period of fascination for psychedelic and electronic atmospheres, started to compose a good number of musical portraits dedicated, as the title reveals, to the problems of his time. We are at the beginning of '70 and italians are worried by mafia, terrorism and social conflicts: so it makes sense that the music choosen to represent this anxious problems has a sperimental nature; dark and disturbing, a sort of unicum in the long and extremly productive Umiliani career. And if, in 2015, titles as “Mondo in Crisi”, “Problemi Sociali”, “Azione Sindacale” and “Mafia Oggi” sadly, still sound actual, it's even more surprising to find that the music of “Problemi d'Oggi” (Today Problems) is projected on the future, sounding still alien and unique. The record presents various styles: Pink Floyd atmospheres (or Braen's Machine if you prefer...) and compositions characterized by a wide use of drum machines and synthetizers (MOOG and Sinthy). We just have to listen to the opening track “Produzione” to give sense to the words of Sean Canty (Demdike Stare) that defines it the first techno/trance track in history.

LP Black Sweat: BS017 € 34,99