Parallels / Stand Alone

Headhunter  - Parallels / Stand Alone

It’s been four long years since anything has surfaced from Headhunter, the last being 2011's “Clone” on the Bristol based Black Box imprint. But label-by-way-of-online blog,TRUSIK has secured two sought-after dubs from the man himself. In our first ever vinyl release, TRUSIK has collected “Parallels” and “Stand Alone” in a super limited 300 pressing with appropriately techno-infused psychedelic artwork from our long time collaborator Leftanderson. “Parallels” is a building technoid monster that is armed with pistoning sub-bass dives as acidic 909s percolate through the cryo-mist atmospherics of a long derelict space ship that stills sends out a distress beacon. Quicksilver percussion ratchets up the tension asHeadhunter tastefully affixes Tubby-esque fx to the proceedings. On the flip “Stand Alone” is a strident roller with VHS-ripped kung-fu samples alaHorsepower Productions and an even more paranoid perc workout that features filtered amen-breaks, meditative conga patters and rapid fire hi-hat gun fire. A TR-909 menaces at the edges, watching for an opportune moment to strike only to be subsumed by the enveloping, spectral aeriforms. Both are sure-fire floor killers and a magnificent return to form that made Headhunterthe king of dubstep in the first place.

12inch Trusik Recordings: TRSK001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L