Colundi Every0ne

V.A. - Colundi Every0ne

Limited edition album issued for the Colundi Benelux Tour from 23-10 till 26-10-2015! 10/23 eve to 10/26 eve: Thesmophoria - Old Greek festival commemorating the transformation of Goddess Kore (Queen of the Living) into Persephone (Queen of the Dead), when She eloped to Elysium with Her partner, God Dionysos/Plouton, accompanied by Goddess Hekate and spirits of the dead. At Eleusis, Dionysos was considered the life aspect and Plouton the death aspect of the same Deity, just as Kore was considered the life aspect and Persephone the death aspect of the same Deity. Dionysos was wild, and subject to excess drinking, dancing, and sex. While Kore, Gaia, Zeus, and Helios considered Him to be a marital prize, Demeter thought otherwise. Consequently, She mourned their union by striking the Earth with famine. Small batch available for the local record stores.

LP Colundi: Every1 remind