Ian Blevins

Hannibal / Welcome Aunt Polly

Ian Blevins - Hannibal / Welcome Aunt Polly

''n side A, meet the happy beast named 'Hannibal', a big room tune that ticks every box your heart may desire — bone dry drum production, atmospheric arpeggios, soaring strings and pads, a beautifully sweeping bass progression and an overall sense of euphoria; goosebumps guaranteed. On side B, 'Welcome Aunt Poly' cools us down a little bit — stripping back the instrumentation, minimizing any superfluous effects, and layering a sparse bassline and droning synths over a laidback 808 — all to a relaxed tempo. Blevins’ debut proves that from the right point of view, familiar elements and motifs can take on a new life whilst reminding us just how the rave can feel''

12inch ESP institute: ESP034 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L