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Felix Dickinson & Jaime Read

Warehouse Days

cover: Felix Dickinson & Jaime Read - Warehouse Days

Felix Dickinson and Jaime Read met in Brighton in 1995 when Jaime was producing music for Felix’s label Ugly Music. United by a love of Chicago house music they held a 5 yr residency together in their hometown Brighton. During this time Jaime continued to make music for Felix’s label as well as on his own label Push 2 Shove under the moniker LHAS (the Larry Heard Appreciation Society). They soon found homes for their tracks on Doc Martin’s Wax records, the Belgian label Eskimo and Felix’s new label Cynic Music. More recently they have released tracks for Tsuba and Rong as LHAS Inc. There is a remix by Neville Watson. You may know him for his work with Kink or his releases on Clone and Creme.

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