Creta Kano / Malta Kano

Lorca  - Creta Kano / Malta Kano

Creta Kano kicks things off with ticking percussion scurrying over a rubbery, tape driven thud. Deft dynamics build depth in the mix as detuned and delayed synth lines interweave to stunning effect. Malta Kano’ then sets more textures bubbling behind bright drums and powerful, melodic synth leads. The Alt version of ‘Creta Kano’ then brings things to a dark and purposeful close. Field recordings gently bleed in and out of focus while more glowing synthesis occupies the foreground. A warped sequence circles in towards the close bringing another insight into the chops of one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting young producers to a close.

12inch Naked Naked: NKD014 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L