The Exaltics

The Girl And The Chameleon

The Exaltics - The Girl And The Chameleon

"The Girl and the Chameleon" will probably fall under the genre tags of acid, electro and techno but it is so much more. Witschkowski has been responsible for exemplary electronics throughout his career and this latest is undeniably some of his best. The album sees The Exaltics don a dust mask. Warehouse parties, strobe lights and fog machines and the 90s underground acid scene are definite influences. But there's more. Across thirteen tracks and two slabs of wax the Jena artist takes you on a journey into his world. Gnarled and clinical grooves, caustic 303 encounters, depraved dancefloor destroyers and soothing machine music. A sonic trek through tough and taut textures with touches of tenderness. An album that shows a depth of ability, an enviable talent and a knowledge of how to break floorboards.

2LP Shipwrec: ShipLP04 remind