Tala A.M.

African Funk Experimentals (1975 to 1978)

Tala A.M. - African Funk Experimentals (1975 to 1978)

At Africa Seven (and in this case) they are headed for destination funk. The musical topic inevitably leads us to the 70's and we borrow our super slick source material mainly from the albums Tala made for Fiesta Records from 1973 to 1978. We open up the bombastic brass, swinging basslines and all out groove of Hot Koki (well after a little intro ditty gem). Then its on to the one of the highlights of ''Arabia'' album ''Black Gold''. This track swoons groove. Layers of picked and choppy guitar and on point drumming. ''Sugar Lump'' is next which sticks to the formula of the previous track but adds in catchy vocals. Mining into the cave of delights that is the 1978 ''Black Woman'' album we then follow up with the driving afro beat grooves and stabby brass of ''Gotam'' and the boogie flowing grooves of ''Black Woman'' and the frenetic and driving grooves of ''Ma Ka La''. We round things off with the stabby clavi-funk of ''Nom Te Ma'' and the ultimate groovy funk-riff closer (and ear worm) Tcham Tcham.

LP Africa Seven: ASVN018 remind
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