DJ Paypal

Sold Out

DJ Paypal - Sold Out

The fledgling DJ Paypal joins the likes of Lapalux, Martyn and Mr Oizo on the mighty Brainfeeder, and he does so with his inimitable blend of footwork-driven electronica, and mind-bending pseudo house. This extended EP features nine solid dance bruisers, starting with the jazzy drum rolls of ''Ahhhhhhh'' that fuse neatly into the likes of ''Awakening'', a gorgeous piece of nu jazz complete with the sexiest trumpets we've heard in a while, and ''Sold Out'' itself, a delightfully bumpy ride along a rollercoaster of percussion and starry melodies. This is jazz for the next millennium.

2x12inch + Download Brainfeeder: BF056 € 14,99