Steve Moore

Cub (OST)

Steve Moore - Cub (OST)

Although Steve Moore was one of the first artists to appear on LIES, his music has actually been circulating the airwaves for over a decade. His first album, The Henge, actually came through the Relapse label, where the artist returns to now with his eye-opening score for Belgian horror film Cub. Across the nine tracks, Moore bundles together cinematic drones with vintage synth stabs, and that 80's B-movie kind of vibe. Tracks like ''Casselroque'' are more sinister and less melodic, but others such as ''The Arrival'', or ''The Treehouse'' exude that familiar zombie movie air. Don't worry, though, there's also plenty of noise and doom via the tenebrous sounds of ''Werewolf'', or even ''The Truck''. Chilling, off-the-wall, and full of the right kind of energy...

LP + Download Relapse: RR7317 € 31,99