Area Forty_One

Nocturnal Passions Part II

Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions Part II

Delsin Records welcomes back Dennis van Gemert aka Area Forty_One for a second EP on the label. It is a second part to the Nocturnal Passions series started back in 2013, and come five years after his first ever release, which was on Ann Aimee in 2011, once again fusing ambient with techno, downtempo and electro. Nocturnal Passions Part 2 is seven minutes of slithering electro funk. Full of twinkling keys and spaced out chords, it has rugged bass and bumpy drums all making you want to move. Voyage is then a raw, beat driven yet still brilliantly serene affair with angelic chords, Consolation is a comforting, mid tempo tumble through the galaxy with soft focus, rippling melodies and gentle churning kicks and Orbiting is a suspensory, fully ambient track that sounds like a slow journey up to heaven. This is teary eyed, emotive stuff that comes from another world entirely.

12inch Delsin: DSR/E8 remind