Guy Reibel

Douze Inventions En Six Modes De Jeu (featuring TM+)

Guy Reibel - Douze Inventions En Six Modes De Jeu (featuring TM+)

The new PERIHEL series on Karlrecords kicks off with previously unreleased material by GRM member GUY REIBEL, one of the most enigmatic figures of 20th century's electronic avant-garde. Limited edition 180gr LP (500 items) incl. DL code and liner notes by REINHOLD FRIEDL (ZEITKRATZER). ''Douze Inventions ...; '' has been digitised at the GRM studios in december 2014 and is now finally being released for the very first time - a milestone in electronic music and a perfect example for REIBEL's musical austerity: very defined and limited musical material results in concentrated and dense forms. The unusually vital character of the music is also due to his use of hybrid sound production: he very often combined amplitude envelopes of acoustic sounds and noises (especially and very often of polysteron) on synthetic electronic sounds. A few of the pieces are even played at least partly live: TM+, the legendary first live-electronic French group, was founded in 1977 by three of REIBEL's students: DENIS DEFOUR, LAURENT CUNIOT and YANN GESLIN. They were almost the first purely electronic group that also toured Europe extensively with their analogue synthesizers.

LP + Download Karl Records: KR028 € 24,99