Various Artists


Various Artists - Ittiologia

Second reissue (of seven planned) of the amazing nature-themed series of libraries released in the first half of the Seventies by labels Cardium, Chic, Nereide, Musical, Rhombus, Spring and Weekend. These are seven albums which have never been reissued, until now: real collector’s items which acquired the status of minor cult in the years. Ittiologia was released in 1973 and it features music by composers such as Alessandro Alessandroni, Amedeo Tommasi – both under his real name and his alias Atmo – and Franco Tamponi, and is a rare and delicate experiment in the art of balancing experimental music and classic Italian libraries of the Seventies. The underwater and liquid atmosphere of each track was conceived to bring to call to mind “romantic algae”, “threats on the sea bottom”, “deep water” and “abyssal mountains” (to paraphrase some of the tracks of this small masterpiece: ''Alghe romantiche'', ''Minaccia sul fondo'', ''Acque profonde'' and ''Fascia abissale''). Some compositions are featured in two alternate versions (with small variations, different orchestrations and additions), showing that the three musicians were always looking for new ways to express themselves: each track was a work in progress, part of a never-ending research. With its perfect equilibrium between experimental and classical atmospheres, ''Ittiologia'' is the complex portrait of a fragile and always changing ecosystem.

LP Intervallo: INT004 remind