Brandon Nickell


Brandon Nickell - Skyline

150g transparent clear vinyl in silkscreened PVC cover with transparent film insert; designed by Cameron Shafii. Brandon Nickell's Ge-stell debut 'Skyline' is inflected by generative and hyper-concatenated rhythms, placing angular, yet ambient-tipped synthetic textures against deft beat programming. His productions oscillate between propulsive and percussive arrangements, through events that do not link conclusively, but instead through diverse dynamic vectors. His productions manifest as if continuous functions of open source programming situated at an acid-tinged, hip-hop indebted framework, woven with warps and fractures. These tracks make discreet entries and exits at the center and periphery, seamlessly placing cadences and cascades in the spaces in between.

EP Ge-Stell: GESTELL002 € 11,99