Stallone The Reducer

Drug Pusher EP

Stallone The Reducer - Drug Pusher EP

Stallone the Reducer's debut release on EST. 83 Records, a division of the FIT SOUND label. Stallone has been kickin’ around in various guises and outfits for a generation (Tamion 12 Inch, Adult., Bad Thoughts) always delivering a distinctly anarchic take on synthesizer and drum machine composition. The EP opens with ''Drug Pusher''- system shredding bass unevenly paired with 808 gravity that comes on like Young Boys Inc. taking the lead in a slasher flick. You're already dead before the dinky disco arpeggio lends a hand to squeeze. ''Cop Gets Off'' - a double sided protest sign. It says “fuck you” but it says “fuck me” too. On the flip, you better call shotgun before you ''Do The Seatbelt!'', and other crazes for well behaved kiddos. Non-triggering guaranteed. Rounding out the legalese suite is ''Trade Show'' - a slinky cauldron of brzap and flower power - sounding just like candy hiding in the electrical socket that you’ll happily lure out with yr tongue.

12inch EST. 83': Est83-05 remind