Mick Clarke


Mick Clarke - Zusammen!

The first release on new Berlin-based label Per Musica Ad Astra is Mick Clarke's 'Zusammen!' LP, the follow-up after many years to his debut solo release 'Games' on German label Blubberlips in 1979. A pioneer of UK electronic music, Mick was also in legendary synth-wave band Naked Lunch, and apart from producing music under a few different aliases over the years he also finds time to run the Flight Recorder label and is a regular programmer on Intergalactic FM, hosting both the Radio Oscillations and Magic Waves shows. The music here is very much in the spirit of the label's kosmische/space Berlin-school agenda, both reflecting his earlier work and exploring new territory simultaneously. Lush orchestrations and beautiful synth pads contrast against hypnotic rhythms and delicate melodies, and while the label's mission might be "electronic listening music" tracks like 'Red Bird' and 'Mistral' are surely DJ material too. The latter evokes a sound similar to vintage Basic Channel, while other parts of the album flow through sonic territories as diverse as Tangerine Dream and the Berlin school of ambient, Warp Records' classic 'Artificial Intelligence' series, deep electro and even atmospheric Italo as well. The record comes in a beautiful sleeve with notes from the label, and comes free with a nice space insert! Definitely not one to miss!

LP Per Musica Ad Astra: MUSICA001 € 19,99