Red Stars Over Tokyo

Deconstructing Happiness

Red Stars Over Tokyo - Deconstructing Happiness

Deconstructing Happiness. Shopping as a new Religion. 24 hour delivery web stores. Famous people making prog rock albums as a cure against depression. Glossy magazines selling lifestyle as entertainment. Rich people driving state-sponsored electronic cars. Four holidays a year spent on the other side of the World. Media whores selling their "burn out "story to the highest buyer. Television selling fiction as truth. Everyone seems more than ready to go all Faustian, help sell some advertisements to magazines, get enough "almost popular" likes on your favorite hipster page. OK, this is a new record by Red Stars Over Tokyo: One that feels like a transition to a new phase. If it finds you, I hope you like it. Maybe I'll make another record in another two years, maybe I'll catch some glimmer of sunlight, somewhere.

LP Testtoon Records: TTTB140 € 15,49