Lickety Split / Snaps

Telfort - Lickety Split / Snaps

The Edinburgh-based powerhouse makes a strong impression once again with a further hand-stamped, limited pressing of two stellar cuts. The tense emotional drive of ‘Lickety Split’—where deep, colourful chords float and fold sublimely over a stomping club-ready foundation and penetrating bassline—conjures up images of a transcendent moment to be shared with friends and strangers be it at Robert Johnson, Corsica Studios, or an imagined open-air setting heavy on sunlight beaming through trees. On the flip we hear the dusty and melodic warmth of ’Snaps’ exhibit Telfort's uncanny knack of crafting tough-yet-delicate grooves that mesmerise and enchant us.

12inch Telfort: TLFT002 € 10,99