Billy Bogus feat. Kasillen


Billy Bogus feat. Kasillen - Svengali

Pizzico Label head Billy Bogus is back on track, this time joined by Kasillen , mysterious producer and sound designer who comes from a hip hop and black music background, and is behind Italian pop stars such as Stadio, Umberto Tozzi & Samuele Bersani just to name a few. Bogus & Kasillen come up with two original tracks with the consistent help of a MPC 1000, blending old Italian horror soundtracks with dubby/cheesy analog sounds so to convey the sense of discomfort you feel while watching a thrilling Italian b-movie, but in a clubby way. The final punch comes from the acid psychedelia of a different version of the same track by In Flagranti and the 80's space-like vibe of homeboy Ma Spaventi . Svengali is a 1931 American horror film where through hypnotism and mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves. As most of the Impressionist movies of early 30's it speaks metaphorically about european pre-war tensions and the incoming menace of Nazi Germany.

12inch Pizzico Records: PN045 € 10,99