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Thee J Johanz


cover: Thee J Johanz - Vivian

Vivian is a great acid banger with high frequency Jupiter 8 eruptions and a simple ‘raga style’ melody. The track was made after the last tour was cancelled due to health problems, and was finished after Charanjit Singh passed away. Vivian means alive and is dedicated to Charanjit Singh and the special vibe he and Thee J Johanz had together on stage. The B side a 16 and a half minute take from a live show at the magical Alsisar Palace in Rajastan, India. It’s an ever progressing improvised journey, the result of over forty shows played in the US, Europe and Asia. Charanjit Singh is improvising on the Jupiter, like he did on his proto-acidhouse album in 1982, and Thee J Johanz is jamming with the 808 and 303 like he used to do, back in the heyday of acidhouse.

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