Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Euclid

Kaitlyn's solo debut Euclid (primarily written on a Buchla Music Easel synthesizer) was inspired by her love of mbira music, early electronic music pioneers like Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel, Oskar Sala, and Terry Riley, and euclidean geometry. Throughout Euclid Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith consistently delivers sonic puzzles draped in a warm Pacific mist. At times these songs feel so alive — like the musical analog to roots growing deeper and stronger, leaves on branches bending towards the light, or the sun peeking over the horizon, briefly igniting the air with a primordial swirl of warm and cool colors.

LP + Download Western Vinyl: WV130 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L