Celebration Of Ogun

Sunlightsquare - Celebration Of Ogun

Based on a traditional Yoruba chant performed by Havana’s Abbilona, Sunlightsquare takes the original and gives it a modern deep house touch. A soulful tribute to the protector in the Orisha system, Sunlightsquare provides a Rhodes-driven melody that accompanied by powerful chants will have you grooving any time of day or night. A2 finds us with the stripped down Yoruba Soul Beats version from Osunlade himself. A unique percussive number that keeps the soul of the original – the Bata drums command you to move your body in celebration. As we flip the record over we kick off with the Yoruba Soul Mix. Using the backbone of the Beats Mix, this nearly seven minute ballad is an absolute must-have in your bag. A smooth, subtle bass keeps you grooving as it makes way for the vocal – elevating you in the spirit of dance. Lastly, we close with a stunning mix by none other than Trinidadiandeep. This future Yoruba classic is as deep as it comes.

12inch Yoruba: YSD079 remind