Sunset Strip

Hekkla - Sunset Strip

02AM is an 4 track EP by the young producer Hekkla from Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

The first track is 'Sunset Strip', a slowly build house track that moves like the last waves of heat at the end of a hot summers day, walking home feeling satisfied, all ready for the night. 'Saturday Morning Sentimentality' is a hard to pinpoint track that sounds like the bastard son of a trio between the melancholic side of Cyndi Lauper, Alphaville and the echoes of a cheesy saturday morning cartoon theme song from the late 80's. On the other side 'Memories of Tau Ceti' feels like tumbling into space with only the memories left of a good time on an alien world, accelerating faster and faster but still enjoying it, even though you know that the vacuum of space will eventually kill you. Finishing with the hardest track 'No Math', because, boys and girls, it's no math...

Hand stamped artwork by Frank Koedood.

12inch AM: 02AM remind