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Udacha 12

cover: P SH / FITZ ELLARALD - Udacha 12

Russia's Udacha label has been providing us with consistently excellent levels of grainy deep house, a particular strand of the genre that easily moulds into something altogether more ethereal and abstract. Newcomer P-SH constructs a beatless sway of placid harmonics on ''Wee See The Island'', followed by the minimal tribal rattle of percussion called ''Mappa Mundi'' by Fitz Ellarald. On the flip, ''Zsyamono's Odo Message From Flaming Trixx'' is hard to describe because of its constantly shifting bundle of sounds and sonics, and ''Sumlacre Uno'' by Ellarald ties thigns off with a beatless, spaced-out sway powered by a subtle collection of field recordings. Weird and wonderful

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