The Bell

Lesus - The Bell

Berlin-based Obstacle Records returns for its second release with another EP that draws on UK garage heritage while offering its own fresh take via a trio of newer names to watch out for. The EP’s original track comes from Lesus - a hitherto unknown name that splices its stripped down Ghost-esque rhythmic backbone with an uneasy chiming melody. The A2’s remix from Obi - another name to keep track of - retains the pace & 2step stylings of the original while combining it with a Chicago house sensibility. On the B side we find two alternate versions from the mysterious Prince of Ethiopia. The 808 version mutates the track into a old school hip hop instrumental, with the aforementioned 808 sounds to the fore, replete with vocal samples, record scratches and ray guns. The MT40 version takes those elements, loses the snarling bassline, and pins it all to a broken beat rhythm, once again underlining Obstacle’s reverence for UK dance music culture & its desire to push it into surprising new territory.

12inch Obstacle Records: OBR0102 remind