I.vy and Solid State


I.vy and Solid State - VOL III

I.vy presents her third release on ther own label, Chinese Laundry. After the first two volumes, continuing the saga in vinyl on the label, also time she's proposing a release based on the acid sound, in fact, from here come the names of the three tracks of ''Vol. 3 '', sonically distinct from forms of sound in both the quality of the tone and in the structure, leading to a complete trip right in the underground scene. The A-side exposes two tracks both dictated by a bassline, a sequence of acid accompanied by a drum-machine percussion, the sounds derive from ''machines'' that have guided the analogue creative artist, exposing grit, intensity and quality defined the synth that has a continuous evolution throughout its duration, with a sound much richer in harmonics. The other side of the coin is the B-side, a product of the collaboration between I.vy & the 90's Peacefrog producer Solid State, a true evolution from the first two tracks, while following the lodging acid, the B-side results more aggressive and determined, demonstrating a mindset based on a building techno, with a strong impact on the dancefloor.

12inch Chinese Laundry: cl-003 € 5,99