Zeven Leven

Marius Strijdhorst EP

Zeven Leven - Marius Strijdhorst EP

Moustache Techno Series 007.
By life. At the age of 7 Zeven Leven was born on the 7th of July 1977, starting his final of 7 lifes. After the unrevelment of and subsequently transformation of the 7 Sins into the 7 Shames, Zeven Leven decided to dedicate The remainder of his 7th and final life to electronic music.
After the private release on Grammar, Zeven Leven is delighted with his debut on Moustache Techno Series 7th release. Diligently producing 7 tracks per week, Zeven Leven is aiming to become a regular on Moustache Techno Series. True techno from a dark mind for the freaks. Free for the free. Music is the only way out, don't look back.

12inch Moustache: MTECHS007 € 9,99