Kit Clayton / Jorge Felucca

Deadlock / Pussy Clap

Kit Clayton / Jorge Felucca - Deadlock / Pussy Clap

Debut release on the new Kaleidoscope Jazz Chair Reissues label. First release contains some beautiful and well crafted dubbed out techno by Kit Clayton with his 1998 'Deadlock' tune originally released as the B2 on the 4-Track 'Unreliable Networks' EP (on Silent Servant's label 'Cytrax'), it slipped under many a record buyer's radar. Nearly 20 years later, now that electronic musical tastes have matured and expanded, the time seemed right to re-present, this lush, atmospheric, percussive work out to the heads, deservedly pressed on a full side of 12" Vinyl. Pussy Clap was originally released on the Remote label, set up by Charles Webster, and featured House music predominantly written by Charles and Neil Tolliday, better known as Nail. Jorge Felucca was the alias that Neil used when creating the more dubbed out, techy tracks for the label. Sounding somewhat like a deep house take on Maurizio, 'Pussy Clap' was also released in '98, but had since fallen into obscurity, and the time had come for it to be rejuvenated and polished with an amazing remaster by Pole for the modern ear that is a dramatic improvement on the original.

12inch Kaleidoscope Jazz Chair Reissues: Kal001 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L