Filippo Diana


Filippo Diana - Nemesi

On the second chapter of the KOOAAD Muzik saga, obscure composer Filippo Diana shakes hand with Cronenberg, Carpenter and Detroit's finest electro pioneers and delivers a masterful soundtrack to the never released sci-fi movie NEMESI. "A neuro scientist synthesizes a protein that amplifies sensory perceptions. Using himself as test subject, in an attempt to establish the right dosage, he takes too many shots that will quickly and inevitably plunge him into the depths of insanity." All tracks are filled with a tension that ranges from fear and mystery to arousal and ecstasy, accompanying a vision that never became cellulose yet entrains our brain like a stroboscopic dream. Music to play on a monochromatic screen with oscillating brightness at theta frequencies. Seven tracks mini album selection of the original sound score. Limited to 200 copies in white vinyl with gatefold illustrated cover in pvc bag.

EP Kooaad Muzik: KOOAAD2 € 15,99