The Untold Way

Monoloc - The Untold Way

Monoloc's album unfolds into a 12 chapter story of his musical style with many surprises and twists along the way. The Untold Way starts with the ambient Revive, slow and gentle yet apprehensive. As the listener moves through the album they catch glimpses of almost formed club tracks, in The Untold Way, Michigan Lights, Gravity Growl and Alighting. These have remnants of a dancefloor impression, a prominent beat is there, but not much more. At other points you see Monoloc’s more experimental side. No GHSTS featuring Tijana T evokes a resounding beat filling an empty space, with the occasional piano melody and eerie vocal. Cloning Society is beatless, driven merely by a consistent bass and echoing voice. The album is interspersed with short ambient interludes, each just a few minutes long: Lowa and Gently Falls, serene and reflective, give the listener time to breathe. And bringing you back to familiarity are more the dancefloor focussed tracks of the LP, Momentum and Muted. The twelfth and last track is Ground Disorder, which brings the album to a halt with an air of nostalgia.

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