Olympos 01

Hephaestus - Olympos 01

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Olympos was the living place of the Twelve Olympian Gods and has inspired our limited series record label under the same name. Olympos, will release a series of Eps , with the figure of an Olympian God, from various artists which will remain unannounced until the project is complete. Kicking off the series is Hephaestus, the god of fire and metal. ''Dounai'' and ''Lavein'' is an Ancient Greek phrase meaning give and take. A-side features ''Lavein'' which is a broken beat, glitched up number, with a rather metallic timbre. Resonances, filters, drums and arpeggiators arranged and programmed in style, resulting in a modern electronic piece with plenty of quirky, edgy vibes. On the flip side ''Dounai'' is a melodious, esoteric and slow moving late night /after-hours affair, which expands slowly and steadily over a beautiful chord progression of lush strings and sparkling pads. A steady punctuated beat rolls smoothly throughout the track, completing this EP in a misty, hypnotizing and charming fashion.

12inch Olympos: Olympos001 € 9,99