Qi Xin Mian Guan EP

Miskotom - Qi Xin Mian Guan EP

Hailing from Lithuanian capital Vilnius, Miskotom appears on Pleasure Unit for a debut appearance that should appeal to all lovers of delicate, pop flecked house with a smooth 80s veneer. The production is perfect for the mood of the music, with the dusty groove of the title track embellished with Eastern flute motifs and Larry Heard chords of the sweetest melancholy. ''Downtown'' meanwhile revels in slap bass finery, and ''Tempelhof Kite'' gets a rubbery Moog tone in the low end that offsets the woozy pads beautifully. Kito Jempere comes on board for a remix that dubs ''Tempelhof Kite'' down into a warm and sexy house cut of the highest order. Hot!

12inch Pleasure Unit: PU005 € 10,99