The Revolving Eyes

Ex Machina

The Revolving Eyes - Ex Machina

With a discography stretching back to the mid-noughties, the Revolving Eyes have been paying tribute to EBM, new beat and minimal wave long before it was fashionable to do so. It's perhaps for this reason that Ex Machina, their first single since 2007, is so hotly anticipated. The genius of both ''Machina 1.1'' and ''Machina 1.2'' lies in the Belgian duo's ability to combine authentic synthesizer and drum machine sounds, with both classic '80s alternative tropes and the hypnotic, booty-shaking fluidity of acid house. This is particularly evident on the deliciously wonky, mind-altering pump of flipside ''Machina 1.2'', where bubbly electronics and tweaked acid lines ride a no-nonsense drum machine groove.

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