Savage Grounds


Savage Grounds - Atrocities

Savage Grounds return to Lux Rec for the third time, with their third record. Atrocities comes after Unpleasant Music for Unpleasant People, released in 2015, and Over Fences, 2014. It is, as much as the previous 2, the result of investigations in music, live, composed with a minimum amount of instruments. The duo, comprised of CCO and Daniele Cosmo, worked with a Roland 606, a Roland 909 and a modular synthesiser. Experimenting with FM modulation and loose sequences. The result is concrete noise, anger, ghostly voices, and above all, the sheer conscience of human failures. Atrocities marks number 30 in the Lux Rec catalogue. It comes as a 12inch + 7inch package.

12inch + 7inch Lux Rec: LXRC30 € 14,99