Garofano Rosso

Titoli Di Coda

Garofano Rosso - Titoli Di Coda

Garofano Rosso's triumphant return to Giallo Disco comes in the form of his debut album 'Titoli Di Coda'. A bloodied trip to the microcosm of a doomed city, a neon-noir at the corner of Gordon & Cole, where old cellar doors slam like gated snares and justice comes with a bullet. In between krautrock funk, straight up-crime solving disco and instrumental ballads almost gothic like in their epicness, the artist also known as Giorgio Luceri, whose releases on Mathematics have been turning heads for many years, births this daring and impressive debut that we're immensely proud to release on Giallo Disco. Art by Eric A Lee.

LP Giallo Disco Records: GDLP006 € 14,99