Hertz EP

Galcid - Hertz EP

Analog synth techno unit by Lena, formed in 2013 by Hisashi Saito as a producer. ''galcid'' performs in improvisational style with their policy ''No PC ! No Preset !!'' The memorable 1st album''hertz''in digital format, released upon in worldwide from Detroit Underground, attracted Karl Hyde (Underworld), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) and other well-known musician all over the world. The sound going by in the margin between functional dance music and electronic music as sound art is, so to speak, the digital funk-ness. Recorded 9 tracks, sustaining the variable and rhythm of inorganic electronic sound in search for the elemental parts in techno music. The album jacket artwork is designed by The Designers Republic.

12inch Underground Gallery Recordings: DU28 € 9,99