John Scott


John Scott - Fragment

This Holy Grail Black-Magic British Jazz soundtrack from 1976 is the most requested movie score of cult film composer and top English Jazz saxophonist/flautist - John Scott (Symptoms/Wake in Fright/Craze). For aficionados of rare library music and obscure Horror soundtracks this is an essential album. ‘Satan’s Slave’ - The original soundtrack to Norman J Warren’s (Terror/Pre /Inseminoid) nihilistic tale of Witchcraft and occultism conjures an uneasy yet compelling experience for fans of exploitation OST’s, and a veritable smorgasboard of dark progressive samples for the producers. The ritualistic tribal beats of ‘Sacrifice’ could have been culled from the KPM library catalogue (John Scott was a regular session player for them) while ‘Drive to Alexander’s and crash’ is forgotten filmic UK Modal Jazz with a tropical flavour which harks back to Scott’s legendary Columbia Lansdowne LP from 1967 ‘Communication’, a firm Gilles Peterson favourite. ‘A walk in the grounds’ is pure mellow heat - fuel for the MPC 2000, with its crisp Fender Rhodes chords and ‘Dusty Fingers’ vibe, and ‘Unused Cue’ which is an additional recording we discovered on the reels is a fiery free-Jazz odyssey for explorers of the fifth dimension! The complete ‘Satan’s Slave’ soundtrack, which is being presented here for the first time on any format, has been lovingly remastered from the original half-inch master tapes courtesy of Sean P(Z Records), and sounds as edgy, fresh and relevant as it did back in the swinging seventies. Pour the Absinth, switch off the lights and say a little depraved prayer!

7inch Moscovitch Music: MVMEP001 remind