Andrew Claristidge

Danser Ou Mourir Relecture LP

Andrew Claristidge - Danser Ou Mourir Relecture LP

What would electronic music be without remixes? This is a question Andrew Claristidge had to answer last year after releasing his first solo album danser ou mourir. Reworking the song of an other musician is a common thing nowadays. What is the purpose of it ? What if we would do the same in literature ? Imagine asking Philip Roth to rewrite Houellebecq... This is pure fantasy and this came to Andrew's head. He started asking fellow musicians such as The Hacker, Cosmo Vitelli, David remix his songs. Blown away by the quality of what he received he couldn't stop himself to make its entire album remixed and to share it with the world in form of danser ou mourir, relecture. Bonus tracks with digital download code: 08. Automated Motion (Relecture by Baroque) 09. Mechanical Love (Relecture by Mike Theis) 10. Reglement de compte a la Cigale (Relecture by Beaumanoir.) 11. Discovering The Source (Relecture by 99LETTERS) 12. The coasts of French Cornwall (Relecture by The Third Half Time)

LP Mille Feuilles: MF038 remind