Techno Soul


Techno Soul - Expectations

Art Forest with a re-release of his majestic, futuristic 'Expectations' EP. Released in 1992, this 4 track EP has always been sought after by Detroit lovers worldwide. Often very difficult to track down and commanding high prices on the second hand market, this 12'' is a real rarity. Showcasing a style that stands out from a lot of records released around the same period ''Expectations'' still sounds so killer today. Listen to ''Flow with me'' on the b-side, an insanely deep, melancholic piece of Detroit house, steeped in motor city futurism (those synth pads!) and with an otherworldly vocal performance from Dan Carter it ticks all the boxes, absolutely sublime and worth the admission fee here alone. Stunning.

12inch Mint Condition: MC003 remind
12inch A.L.F.: ALF-001-EP remind