J. Mono


J. Mono - Zzz

On its third vinyl release Dalmata Daniel presents five originals of J.Mono with an additional remix made by DJ Overdose. Hailing from East-Central Hungary's small town Lajosmizse, Lori Keresztes is the introverted songcrafter-synthjammer mastermind of the Budapest based underground favourite Wedding Acid Group trio. As J.Mono he stands alone leaning on his machines, making way for his internal world, heart and soul. His first solo release Zzz is troubled and playful at the same time, with moments of electro-acid vibes and post-wave-italo sensibility, tracks that are wonderfully dark even with a light shade of ebm or just softly layered ambient melancholic technoids that make us all the children of Aphex Twin's SAW 85-92 for three minutes. J.Mono's material on Dalmata Daniel is not simply perfect club music for nice people but presents the genuine, intuitive and effortless melody maker ability that makes Lori Keresztes the silent genius of Wedding Acid Group while DJ Overdose's remix captures and overdrives J.Mono's acid jamming roots.

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DD003 remind