Laser 80

MNLTH - Laser 80

Dave Monolith has been busy under a variety of aliases since first releasing his Volume 1 EP on Rephlex Records. He went on to drop the fantastic Welcome album on the Cornish institution before further quality electronic explorations on WeMe, CPU, not to mention the fig.03 and fig.04 EPs on his own Photodementia label. MNLTH comes to Organic Analogue with a singular selection of tracks that completely encapsulate his sound in all its warmth and weirdness. This is unsettling electro done the British way, nodding to the electronica tradition but equally channeling a rave spirit throughout. In that sense, it speaks to the core principles of OA perfectly. ''111Pad'' is a laid-back machine jam of dirty drums, bass and piano stabs, while ''Q Express'' raises the temperature with a surge of unnerving pads and heavy analogue drums. ''Zirberterai'' meanwhile takes shape as a darkside roller peppered with crusty, flitting vocal sampling. ''Fline'' showcases all the deftness and subtlety in the MNLTH arsenal with a limber arrangement that pivots around pulsing square waves and delicately simmering beats. ''Polynana'' reaches skywards in a celebration of after-hours electro with an ambiguous mood that lies just beyond your comprehension. Finally ''Meadow'' rounds the EP off by evoking all the idealism of the quintessential outdoor rave in a cascade of kicks and piano chords. Having originally surfaced as clips through an obscure YouTube account, the tracks on Laser80 were already garnering the attention of more switched on techno fans in niche corners of the internet. Now, with this official release on OA, the dynamic blend of techno futurism, rave energy and hi-tech soul gets the airing it deserves. Very limited pressing so be sure to grab the Laser80 while you still can.

12inch Organic Analogue Records: OA004 remind