Daddy Long Legs

Intergalactic Lover

Daddy Long Legs - Intergalactic Lover

Intergalactic Lover is the first release on CPU's new 7'' vinyl series and is the debut single from Daddy Long Legs aka Tom Parker, one half of City Guys and all round 'FM' synthesis maestro extraordinaire. Side A's 'Intergalactic Lover' is new wave Kraftwerkian electro funk, with added vocal not too dissimilar to the great Edwyn Collins circa Orange Juice. Side B's 'The Club' could be mistaken for a 1980's breakdance anthem, poised with casio orchestral stabs, scribble scratches and electro bass designed for the dancefloor, more specifically poppin' and lockin'.

7inch Central Processing Unit: CPU00100111 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L