Bit Folder

Silicon Frontier

Bit Folder - Silicon Frontier

Silicon Frontier is a futuro-rave adventure that conjures up the brave new world hinted at by its title. Like the classic 90s techno/IDM that it channels, this record gleams with the sounds of the android future. Keyboards glisten and shimmer, their tones at once stargazing and hallucinogenic; hi-hats open and close like steam valves; synth lines move in and out of each other to create all these lovely little cells of melody. Some tracks even play with tempo itself, beats glitching or slowing down completely as if you've just dropped a dose of (electro-)soma, but Bit Folder always manages to snap them back into place just as they seem to be breaking apart. For an artist's debut release it is very deft production - but then again, could it be that we've heard from Bit Folder before?

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU01010110 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L