Local Talks Ep

Gamayun - Local Talks Ep

Russian label Udacha are purveyors of dreamy and mysterious deep house. This new one by Gamayun is further testament to their current modus operandi. On the first side we have ''Roundelay'' with its warped and ethereal tropical vibe, assisting you in drifting away from it all just nicely. Next the soothing piano line of ''All Tomorrows'' backed by a wacky bassline and restrained rhythm section is equally as mesmerising. On the flip we have ''Outlands'' with its swirling, all consuming pads backed by sultry Latin style rhythms and that killer synth solo. Lastly there's ''Oracle'' with its sweet, late nineties deep house vibes that fans of Agnes and Quarion would be right into.

EP Udacha: Udacha011 remind