Ekambi Brillant

African Funk Experimentals (1975-1982)

Ekambi Brillant - African Funk Experimentals (1975-1982)

This Africa Seven compilation focuses on the funkier end of Ekambi's music drawn mainly from the 1975 to 1978 period. Things open up with our theme tune ''Africa Africa'' (of course). It's tribal twisted psych funk is the perfect start to any album. We then move to ''Aboki'' possibly Ekambi's finest dance floor filler. Next it's the choppy disco strings and slap bass of ''Nyambe'' and the swirling African swing of ''N'Kondo'' and the pulsing chop-funk ''Ekila''. The flip side starts off with ''Soul Castle'' an ordinary day tale for our hero. ''Massoma'' and its funk boogie get things bopping next up before ''Machine Ma Bwindea'' gives us some punchy brass and low slung funk grooves. ''Mother Africa'' shows us the songwriting power of Ekambi while also managing to have one of the funkiest flange basslines we have heard in a good while. Things close off with swing-time of ''Lambo Lena''.

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