Holy Ghost People LP

Dollkraut - Holy Ghost People LP

After releasing a string of quality EP’s for the likes of Charlois, Doppellschall and Permanent Vacation, Amsterdam based artist Dollkraut (Pascal Pinkert) confirmed in 2014 with his debut album “Schimanski’s Black Lullabies” on Brandt Brauer Frick’s imprint The Gym. The Dutch producer’s back with his sophomore LP due February 24th 2017 on Dischi Autunno - new label founded by Jennifer Cardini and Noura Labbani. “Holy Ghost People” sees Dollkraut delve deeper into his recognizable lo-fi and organic sound, inspired by old movie soundtracks, creating gritty atmospheres mixed with the purest of melodies. Album opens with instant hit “Bonnie Said”, where Pascal’s vocals magically merge with the darkest of bass lines. “Valium” continues the journey, increasing the tempo but confirming the feeling of being in a lost sci-fi movie soundtrack. On “Oblivian”, the rhythm slows down again, allowing us to dive even more in this twisted yet candid universe.

12inch Dischi Autunno: DA001LP € 25,99