Chord Memory Band

Third Eye Ep

Chord Memory Band - Third Eye Ep

Chord Memory Band is a recent collaboration between Michael Medlycott (from the band Vulture Street Tape Gang) and Dom Bird (BONN co-founder and member of the live disco 4 piece Mitzi). At the end of 2016, Michael and Dom caught wind of a cave, nestled beneath a sacred mountain, deep in the Australian outback. The rumours described a cave filled with nocturnal animals and ancient flora, but more importantly, a stash of vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Guided by whispers and caught up in the mystic mystery of it all, the duo set off with a dusty four-track tape recorder in an attempt to capture these mythical cave vibes and place them on a record. Michael and Dom surfaced several months later, with four recordings and no memory of what had occurred. These recordings became their synergistic ‘Third Eye’ EP – an analogue journey into the spiritual world, with one simple message, “the answer is inside”.

EP Beats Of No Nation: BONN002 € 10,99